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How can Australian Workplaces be the Worst in the World?

Posted on January 30th, 2013 by The Learning Factor

Recent research by a leading Australian work safety organisation has revealed that depression costs Australian employers $8 billion a year through sick leave and presenteeism – some $693 million of that is due to stress and bullying.

According to Safework Australia, work related stress has begun to represent such a huge cost to employers that by 2020 stress-related illnesses such as depression and cardiovascular disease will be the leading causes of the global disease burden.

This research is unsettling and Australian organisations must respond to these statistics by focussing on creating a positive culture that enables constructive communication and inhibits bullying behaviour.

A number of years ago, many organisations chose to meet their compliance obligations by offering short eLearning programs. In our experience, these online programs do not help to change behaviour. They only help to improve compliance statistics.

The Learning Factor offers face-to-face and virtual Bullying and Harassment programs. It is evident that over the duration of these programs it is the role-plays and dialogue where employees and managers begin to learn.

Interested to learn how you can improve your managers and employees behaviour in the workplace. Click here for details on how we can help your employees.

Click here for details on how we can help your managers.