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How One Client Changed The World in 30 Days

Posted on October 14th, 2013 by Victoria Kossoff

Almost everyday we read something about Innovation and Creativity  – How to be more innovative; How to think outside the box; Ways to inspire your teams to be more innovative.

How often do you actually see innovation come alive in your organsation? The truth is probably not very often. Our own boundaries and experiences can limit the way we think and even organisation structure and politics can stifle any ideas we have.

I am lucky in my job that I get to work with clients who are thinking of news ways to overcome problems, who seek to deliver better quality, who believe there is another way to kick goals – all in a faster time.

Let me tell you about a recent client project we had. Our client, who is a global research company, recently launched an innovative, world-leading software which changes the way market research is conducted. They needed to train 3800 people (who were all located in different locations across Australia) in 30 days on this new technology and tool prior to the launch date.

They had no trainers on staff, a limited budget and huge time pressures.


They needed a pool of trainers (who were based locally in Australia); a training logistics team to manage the roll-out of the huge project; and a technology platform to register participants onto programs as well as run reports.


Our team worked their magic in record time. Our flexible and scalable training solution made our client’s dreams come true!

Why not take a look at our short video to see how we helped our client change the world?