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These Simple Workplace Design Changes Can Help Your Company’s Bottom Line

Posted on November 30th, 2016 by The Learning Factor


It’s no secret that a well-designed workplace is a more pleasant environment to spend work hours than one that is poorly planned and decorated. However, spiffier digs could also have an impact on your company’s financial health.


A new survey by the International Interior Design Association (IIDA) found a correlation between office design and the bottom line. The survey queried 1,206 full-time U.S. employees at companies of various sizes. More than half are in managerial or professional level positions who spend most of their working time in an office leased or owned by their employer. Respondents to the survey exhibited attitudes that suggest there is a strong correlation between good office design and retention.

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Increased productivity and retention are good reasons to take a new look at your workplace layout.

How To Turn Stress Into Productivity Fuel

Posted on November 30th, 2016 by The Learning Factor

Feeling stressed lately? Chances are you’re not alone. We carry varying degrees of stress around with us all the time—sometimes more, sometimes less. Does that pressure make us more productive or less? As with so many aspects of human psychology, the answer is: It depends. But what it depends on is something called the Yerkes-Dodson curve, a theory that dates back to 1908. Here’s how understanding it can help you channel the stress you may be feeling into energy to get things done.


The Yerkes-Dodson curve relates the amount of motivational energy, called “arousal,” a person may possess to how well they’ll perform at a given task. The basic idea is that at low levels of arousal, people don’t perform particularly well. In this state, people aren’t all that motivated to get much done. That helps explain why being totally stress-free can breed laziness or complacency, and also why some of your most productive days are those when the clock is ticking for you to wrap up a big projec

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Some people need more stress to get things done, while others cave beneath it. Here’s how to find your “sweet spot.”

Four Tips For Following Up When You Need A Response Fast

Posted on November 30th, 2016 by The Learning Factor

You’ve probably innocently popped back into the hiring manager’s inbox a few times with the faint hope that you’ll finally hear something back about next steps in the hiring process. Yes, that radio silence can be disheartening.


But honestly, it’s the second group of follow-ups—the ones where you absolutely, frantically, without-a-doubt require a response—that can be downright infuriating.


Whether you’re waiting on a past-due piece of a project from a coworker or you’re still keeping your eyes peeled for that necessary answer from your boss, not getting what you need when you need it can be frustrating at best. And most of the time, this requires a different type of approach than those friendly “Just checking in!” messages you’re used to sending to potential employers or prospective clients.


So, here are four key tips to help you effectively follow up when you don’t just want a response, but absolutely need one.

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Can’t move forward with an important item until you hear back from somebody? Here’s what to do when the clock is ticking.