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The One Surefire Way To Succeed In 2018

Posted on November 29th, 2017 by The Learning Factor

Let’s not waste any time. The simple solution that we’re all looking for: It doesn’t exist. Want your business to thrive like Amazon’s? Want to emulate Steve Jobs or Mark Zuckerberg? Follow the road map of Nike or Warby Parker to build the next brand that matters? Sorry, it doesn’t work that way. What succeeded for them may not work for you. Too bad. Get over it.


One-size-fits-all strategies just aren’t effective in today’s age of flux (and maybe they never were). That’s one of the insightful messages in senior writer Austin Carr’s feature The Future of Retail in the Age of Amazon. It’s become common practice to refer to billion-dollar startups as “unicorns,” but there is no more one-of-a-kind business than Amazon: hard-driving, customer-focused, yet broadly directed, from books and groceries to entertainment, consumer electronics, and web services. Carr explains that competing with Amazon today–trying to beat it at its own game–is largely a fool’s errand. Instead, what increasingly defines retail success, and points the way toward the businesses of tomorrow, is a bespoke model, one that is crafted to deliver on a focused need, proposition, or brand essence.

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It’s time to embrace ambiguity and uncertainty.

Research: Why 70 Percent of Employees Aren’t Working to Their Full Potential Comes Down to 1 Simple Reason

Posted on November 29th, 2017 by The Learning Factor


According to Gallup research, an astounding 70 percent of U.S. employees are not showing up to work fully committed to deliver their best performance. Adding insult to injury, 52 percent of those workers are basically sleepwalking through their day, and 18 percent of them are busy acting out their unhappiness.


So what gives? Gallup has been preaching for two decades that in order to reverse this crisis, great managers (like Google’s own) that understand human nature and how to motivate and inspire diverging needs of people, need to be put into management roles at every level of the organization.


When a company raises employee engagement levels across every business unit through great management of people, it leads to higher profitability, productivity, and lower turnover. 

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Adding insult to injury, 52 percent of those workers are basically sleepwalking through their day. What gives?

The Productivity Tricks Of Seven Successful Entrepreneurs

Posted on November 27th, 2017 by The Learning Factor

Successful entrepreneurs have a lot of things in common; one is knowing how to make the best use of their time. When the clock is ticking and they are under pressure to deliver, many have a favourite productivity hack to ensure things get done on time. Here, seven entrepreneurs share their tried and tested ways of being more productive.


Create artificial deadlines


Business expert and author of The Startup Coach Carl Reader uses a clever technique of creating artificial deadlines to guarantee a productive finish.


“One of my favourite tricks is the ‘train journey to nowhere,” he said. “I book a return train ticket, don’t take my mobile phone, and set a completion target for the journey. With a clear deadline and no distractions, I find that I often produce more than I would in the office in a whole day. It’s great if you can tie this around meetings that you need to travel to, but if not, the productivity boost is well worth the cost of a train ticket.”

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Entrepreneurs must learn to manage their time and energy to maximise their business productivity

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