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Companies Using Drone Footage in eLearning

Posted on February 1st, 2018 by The Learning Factor

Drones have become standard tools in many markets today. Whether in sports, showing a home for sale, on the news or in a Hollywood movie, we see drone footage daily.

But did you know that companies are now using drone footage in training videos for their employees?

Chris Gaborit, Managing Director of The Learning Factor, went so far as to become a CASA (Australia’s FAA) Certified drone pilot and is finding more clients are using drone footage in eLearning modules.

Chris said, “Drone footage allows you to take your employees and customers on a ride tell them a story from a different perspective. We recently developed an ‘Induction for Ship Captains’ for one of the world’s largest Gas Companies for every ship that comes into port. From the air, the drone footage shows how the 4 tugs are going to turn the ship in the narrow channel; various views of the ship being docked and safety equipment.”

Here are 4 reasons drone footage is becoming more in demand in eLearning:

1.    Engagement is king. Millennials and Gen X have been brought up on HD quality, fast-moving movies, TV and video games. They expect their learning to reflect these same qualities. To keep them engaged.

2.    A fresh view. We can see things like never before, whether a ship being turned 180 degrees by four tugs so that a ship captain can see what to expect as he comes into port, or an employee viewing the company headquarters from 400 feet as they sit in another part of the world.

3.    Powerful openings. The first few minutes either make or break learning and nothing beats high-quality, cinematic flyover videos to capture the moment. Look above at this opening video and also click here to show some other recent drone work The Learning Factor has done. Companies are using the drone shot of their headquarters or over their people to capture attention and set the scene for great eLearning.

4.    Unlimited versatility. Drones can fly millimetres off the ground or hundreds of feet in the air. They fly fast, slow, circle, rise and hover. Even simple tasks, like recording a face-to-face interview, can easily be made more dynamic and engaging with a camera-equipped drone hovering nearby. One of The Learning Factor clients even wanted us to fly a drone up the stairs of their headquarters and into their reception!

5.    Price. A few years ago to get these shots one would have to hire a helicopter and that was hugely expensive but with you can not only get closer and videos, it comes at a fraction of the price and time.

You should consider using drone footage to showcase your company and build your brand awareness in your eLearning induction as well as other marketing and education you are developing. It enhances the visual look and engages the audience.

Train your team without blowing your budget with Virtual Training

Posted on February 4th, 2014 by Victoria Kossoff

There’s no getting away from it. Providing regular training to your employees is expensive and can be a logistical nightmare. And then there’s all the travel costs associated with getting everybody together. So things had to change, right?  The good news is change has arrived. No more hiring of training venues, no more printing of course materials, no more huge travel costs.

Bare Brilliance (which is a division of The Learning Factor) has disrupted the way organisations deliver training to their employees, partners and channel.  We have leveraged the huge improvements in the Internet to deliver training sessions directly to your people, all with a live facilitator – in their home or office. No more time wasting, no more frustrating hold-ups in airports, no more empty office chairs.

We are gurus in virtual training and know all the secrets to make online training engaging and interactive. Don’t let the old obstacles stand in your way.

Virtual training is now providing businesses with a more effective and efficient way to train, educate, motivate and assist their people at a lower cost. Watch our short video to learn more.

Solving Mike’s Business Problems in 2 Minutes

Posted on May 3rd, 2013 by Chris Gaborit

Finding innovative ways to transfer knowledge and skills is a generational issue and an economic challenge critical to a company’s survival. See how Mike solves a business challenge he has.

We have just launched Bare Brilliance – a division that delivers engaging, interactive wed-based training – all with a live trainer. See how you can smash your competition.

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