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One Giant Leap for Training Design

Posted on February 4th, 2014 by Chris Gaborit

Welcome to the new world of Instructional Design. With all this talk about global innovation, isn’t it about time to consider how you can get more from your training design processes?

In the old world, we did the ‘same old, same old’. The same group of training contractors working onsite, taking longer than they should have to produce average results.

Well there is a new and better way! The Learning Factor leverages globally from the world’s best innovative instructional designers. They are leaders in their field and are working with Harvard, Google, Cisco and Fortune 500 Companies. Why pay for average work when for a similar budget you can innovate and create mind-blowing solutions that are yet to be seen in Asia Pacific?

Whether it be your next face-to-face course, an eLearning module or a mobile solution for iPads and iPhones, we have the answer and our clients rave about our results.

Teach people when, where and how they want to learn. Watch our short 2 minute video to see how we have innovated Training Design.