Find Your Passion and True Happiness Will Come – Part 1

Posted on May 12th, 2014 by Chris Gaborit

Can you be successful and not be happy? Can you be wealthy, fit, drive the best car, have a great marriage and family, and still not be happy and feel you have not fulfilled your passion?

In the daily grind of life, we often lose touch with who we are and what gives us ‘life’.

Our life becomes mundane, boring and the ‘same old same old’.  What our heart longs for is passion to make us feel alive, have purpose and feel invigorated.

But what is passion?

Passion gives us a reason for living; it’s a drug to our soul.  When we have passion we feel love, joy, peace, have discipline to achieve and spontaneity of youth.

Passion is a powerful internal force. Controlled and channeled, it acts as your intrinsic motivator. Passion is you—what you are, what you hope to become, your dreams, and your potential—all wrapped up in a dynamic package. When you are released, passion is released. It comes through fulfilling your mission, living the values you believe in, and pushing forward to achieve your dreams.

A few years ago I met with the Deputy Chairman of one of the largest banks in Asia. At the end of the meeting, the Deputy Chairman turned to me and said, “There was a time in my life when I felt passion, mission, and purpose. However when my political and business peers ostracised me, I found a stress-free place with a comfortable lifestyle and simply chose to stay. But you have awakened something within me. I feel since you have spoken to me, that indeed there is a purpose and mission for me. I must fulfill that mission.”

Why would a man who was successful and powerful, a man with the ears of national business leaders and politicians, still feel that he had not fulfilled his passion?

As human beings, people are energised by their natural, chosen passions. Those with open hearts have intense feelings, derived from their dedication to someone or something. As Richard Nelson Bolles, author of the long-time best seller, What Color Is Your Parachute? says, “When you’re passionate about what you do, [prospective clients] would rather give their business to you than to your competitor.”

Conversely, the thing I have discovered in my research about passionate people is that they take charge of their own lives. Such passion-empowered people are individuals who have recognised that their passion is a vital component of motivation. They have taken the time to discover their passion and its origins. Once they acknowledge their passion and discover its ramifications, they start to shape it. As they incorporate it into their existence, their life becomes a reflection of their hopes, desires, sensitivities, and sensibilities. Most importantly, they self actualise and become the person they want to be—the person they know they can be.

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