MIT Professor: To Be Happier and More Productive, Spend 30 Minutes Each Day ‘Wasting Time’

Posted on May 18th, 2018 by The Learning Factor

When I was a kid, I took a bus to school each day. If I wasn’t immersed in a book, I would probably spend the forty-minute trip each way just looking at the same storefronts and billboards passing by on the side of the road. Or, sometimes, I’d wrestle silently with problems I could obviously never solve, like “What’s beyond the end of the universe?” 

Before electronic devices started to occupy a greater share of my life–Atari Pong, and then the Atari 2600 video game console, then the Apple II+ computer, then the Sony Walkman –I would spend a good deal of time in the margins between school, doing homework, playing team sports, riding my bike, and doing the other things young boys do, just thinking or daydreaming. 

Today, my life is packed with activities and distractions. From the moment I wake up, before I’ve even crawled out of bed for my first essential cup of coffee, I’m already plugged into work via email, and I can find out what’s happening in the world with a glance of my news feeds on Facebook and LinkedIn. After waking and feeding my kids and walking them to the bus stop, I jump in my car and head to the office, where I open my laptop to a constantly growing pile of tasks and projects and initiatives

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“Technology is making it difficult for us to just think anymore. With this super simple habit, you can regain the time and space you need to recharge.”

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