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The ChallengeThe Challenge

One of Australia’s top global banks set a goal to become the leader in customer satisfaction in the region. To help reach this aim, they needed to develop a suite of training solutions for their staff in head office as well as across their vast branch network.

The Learning & Development team needed quick access to qualified instructional designers and eLearning experts – people who could work in an agile environment, who could hit the ground running, and who did not require any handholding. They had aggressive deadlines, and the pressure was on.

Before they met with The Learning Factor, they had sourced all contractors through large generic recruitment companies. However, they hit problems when the candidates that were supplied did not have the depth and breadth of skills they required. Stakeholders were becoming frustrated, and in some cases, projects ground to a halt.

The L&D team did some investigation and found that the recruiters did not have a thorough understanding of the job roles that they were recruiting for.


IdeaOur Approach

With over twenty years of specialisation in the training industry, the senior training team realised that The Learning Factor had well-established networks and long standing relationships in the industry that would be of benefit.

Our brief was to provide a flexible, scalable pool of HR and training contractors who could work in an agile environment. They had to be high performers, have the right culture fit, and be skilled experts in their field. They were required begin at full speed and be able to develop instructor-led training, eLearning programs, and/or virtual training programs.

The Learning Factor immediately developed a talent pool of proven, high performers who could be accessed at short notice. We developed a customised on-boarding program so that when they were deployed they could be ready right out of the gate.



worldThe Results

With our innovative and engaging approach, we have developed some game-changing solutions. As a preferred supplier, we have not only set the benchmark for the innovation, creativity, and quality of work, but two of our contractors have won CEO awards for outstanding work and innovation.

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