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5 Strategies for Team Brainstorming to Use in Your Next Meeting

Posted on November 10th, 2017 by The Learning Factor

Team brainstorming seems like a good idea–at least, on paper. What usually happens is this: the company is experiencing a tough problem that no single person seems able to solve, so someone decides that more minds means more processing power, and before you know it you’re all gathered in the conference room.


One or two people churn out bad idea after bad idea, while everyone else stares at the wall or multitasks. There are no major breakthroughs and most of you are irritated at the waste of time.


Sound familiar? Why is this such a problem?

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Planning a meeting for your team? Make sure you abide by these 5 rules to ensure it’s actually productive.

You’re Probably Not Brainstorming Long Enough

Posted on September 26th, 2016 by The Learning Factor

There are lots of problems with brainstorms, but the main one is they don’t go on for long enough. They usually stop when people have run out of ideas and you get those embarrassing silences. But those embarrassing silences are when your unconscious starts engaging on the problem and is a vital part to coming up with great ideas.

The way brainstorms are practiced in most companies today is still almost exactly the same way that was recommended by their inventor, advertising executive Alex Osborn, over 60 years ago. Business and our understanding of how the brain works have both moved on so much in that time, and yet we’re still hanging onto this old technique for so many of our idea-gathering sessions.


Here’s how to rethink your brainstorm so it goes for longer than you’re used to, but proves much more productive once it’s over.

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That point where everyone runs out of ideas and gets stuck is when the really creative ideas start to happen, says one expert.

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