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How To Look For A Job, No Matter How Long It’s Been

Posted on April 28th, 2017 by The Learning Factor

Job hunting takes different forms at different times in your life. Did you take a new job six months ago that isn’t working out, and are you ready to fire up your search all over again? That’s fine, just don’t use the same resume and cover letter. Since you’re hitting the job market so soon after getting out of it, you’ll need to change up your approach.

It cuts the other way, too; your job search will be different if you’ve spent a long time at one company and start looking again for the first time in years. How employers see you depends a lot on how long or short your job tenure has been.

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Whether you haven’t looked for a job in a decade or are perilously fresh from your last job search, these tips can help you position yourself strategically.

6 Tips To Bring Back Open Thinking

Posted on April 24th, 2017 by The Learning Factor

Do you ever stop to consider what it means to think openly? Wasn’t that your basic education at school and what your parents told you to do? Whatever happened to that?

The question is important because today, more than ever, we are urged to be creative in our jobs. If you cannot think openly, how can you be creative?

From birth our parents persistently encouraged us to think for ourselves. It was non-stop; a barrage of parenting tips that were designed to help us become independent, confident and open thinkers.

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The magnitude of closed thinking by individuals and organizations is on the rise. It’s time for open thinking to reappear.

4 Ways to Sell Your Team On an Idea

Posted on April 21st, 2017 by The Learning Factor

New ideas, whether it’s a way to improve upon a process or something that completely goes against the grain, are what keep the business engine going. Some lead to big breakthroughs while others fall dead in the sand. But every idea, good or bad, has one common link: It required buy-in by someone other than the originator.

The history of great ideas is littered with the remains of potentially great innovations, notions and plans that never saw the light of day simply because the pitch failed to ignite a fire or set a series of actions into play. Anyone who’s experienced the frustration of others just “not getting it!” knows how critical team buy-in is for the success of an idea.

The next time you bring a novel idea to your company’s table, consider adopting a few of these strategies for selling it through.

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Selling your team on a new idea is an art form. Here are effective ways to persuade your team to work on your idea.

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