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Drones Go to Work

Posted on May 17th, 2017 by The Learning Factor

Every morning at the construction site down the street from my office, the day starts with a familiar hum. It’s the sound of the regular drone scan, when a small black quadcopter flies itself over the site in perfect lines, as if on rails. The buzz overhead is now so familiar that workers no longer look up as the aircraft does its work. It’s just part of the job, as unremarkable as the crane that shares the air above the site. In the sheer normalness of this — a flying robot turned into just another piece of construction equipment — lies the real revolution.

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The disruptive economics of unmanned vehicles are taking hold. Here’s how to think about the drone economy and your place in it.

Old And Young Want To Get To Know Each Other Better

Posted on May 17th, 2017 by The Learning Factor

In a national report released today, two out of three adults surveyed said they want to spend time with people who aren’t their age, while three in four wish there were more opportunities to get to know different age groups. Why, then, aren’t there more intergenerational programs and initiatives?

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There are huge benefits from intergenerational programs, but more of them are needed, says a new report from Generations United and The Eisner Foundation.

Prevent Burnout by Making Compassion a Habit

Posted on May 15th, 2017 by The Learning Factor

“I am sick to death of the ridiculous situations I have to deal with at work. The pettiness, the politics, the stupidity — it’s out of control. This kind of thing stresses me out to the max.”

Stress is a happiness killer. And life is just too short to be unhappy at work. But we hear this kind of thing all the time from leaders in industries as varied as financial services, education, pharmaceuticals, and health care. In our coaching and consulting, we’re seeing a spike in the number of leaders who used to love their jobs but now say things like, “I’m not sure it’s worth it anymore.” They’re burned out — emotionally exhausted and cynical, as a result of chronic and acute work stress.

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Have empathy for others, as well as yourself.

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