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The 8 Keys to High-Performing Office Culture: The Best Employees Take Cues From Great Managers

Posted on October 18th, 2017 by The Learning Factor

Nearly 70 percent of CEOs now recognize culture as one of the greatest sources of competitive advantage. Whereas company processes, technology, and strategy can be copied, an organization’s DNA cannot be reproduced.


With this realization, many organizations are turning to cultural change to fuel future growth and performance. Kaiser Associates, a business strategy and consulting firm, defines a high-performing culture as an organization that performs better than its peers in regards to business performance, innovation, employee productivity, and engagement, over a sustained period of time.


For now, let’s focus on how companies can leverage performance management best practices to build a winning culture.

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There’s no linear equation to follow when creating a high-performing culture. Rather, organizational success is a byproduct of the right conditions.

How To Be More Assertive At Work When That’s Just Not Your Personality

Posted on October 4th, 2017 by The Learning Factor

Find it hard to advocate for yourself? You’re not alone. The personality trait that psychologists call “agreeableness” describes how motivated you are to get along with other people. If you’re highly agreeable, that motivation can sometimes prevent you from sticking up for your own interests. Anytime you ask for something at work, you run the risk that you’ll be told “no”–and possibly aggravate the person you’re asking. As a result, agreeable people may be put off from asking in the first place.


This can be a problem, because research suggests that agreeable people tend to make less money than disagreeable people (even accounting for the fact that disagreeable people lose their jobs more often). And in leadership roles, agreeable people may not be as good at getting their teams all the resources they need. So what can you do to be more assertive even when it just isn’t in your personality to do so? Here are a few tips.

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It’s your job to ask for things. Here’s how to be more comfortable with getting what you want.

Liberate Your Team with Clearer Processes

Posted on September 27th, 2017 by The Learning Factor

Ask the members of any team if they want to institute better processes, and be prepared for them to roll their eyes. “‘Better processes’ means ‘more bureaucracy,’” someone will mutter. But ask that same team how much they enjoy doing projects the hard way — duplicating efforts, scrambling to meet deadlines when someone drops the ball, or bearing the brunt of customer fury — and you can expect the floodgates to open.


Why do people love to hate “process” but rail against disorganization? It is because most people associate processes with checklists, forms, and rules — the overseer breathing down their necks. Not surprisingly, leaders wanting to foster innovation and creativity are reluctant to institute such rigid controls and procedures.

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How the right type of structure frees your employees from rework and hassles.

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