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How to Keep Networking from Draining You

Posted on May 10th, 2018 by The Learning Factor

Whether it’s attending startup events, social gatherings, or happy hours, networking is a necessary part of every entrepreneur’s life. Seventy-eight percent of entrepreneurs agree that networking is crucial to startup success, which is why there are a myriad of articles online about how to master and love the art of networking.


But networking can be extremely draining. Imagine the countless hours entrepreneurs spend talking, traveling, and socializing with contacts and potential investors. Excessive social interaction can be physically and mentally exhausting for anyone — even extroverts. In fact, many of the founders I coach describe networking as draining, saying it sometimes robs them of the energy they need to work on actual business operations.

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You’ll know you’ve hit your optimal level once you’ve found a social schedule that you can sustain in the long term and that leaves you feeling productive and energized at the end of the week, rather than miserable and completely wiped out.

Forget Schmoozing, Here’s How To Get Influential People’s Attention

Posted on March 14th, 2018 by The Learning Factor

You probably know that powerful people receive dozens, if not hundreds, of unsolicited requests every day. And at networking events or speaking engagements, the most influential folks in the room usually have to fight back a scrum of people hoping to get a word in or hand off a business card. To get on their radar, you have to do more than cold email and hope for the best, or push your way to the front of the line at industry mixers.


The better way to connect with superstars isn’t to get in front of them and ask them for things. As Duke University professor and author Dorie Clark put it, “The world is competing for the attention of the most successful people,” she wrote for Harvard Business Review. “If you want to meet them–and break through and build a lasting connection–the best strategy is to make them come to you.” Here are a few ways to do that.

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Small talk and cold emailing will only take you so far, but these five tactics can get you noticed—and remembered—for all the right reasons.

This Networking Platform Lets You Pay For Advice From Employees At Your Dream Job | Fast Company

Posted on March 24th, 2017 by The Learning Factor

The landing page for Purple Squirrel makes a huge promise: “Land a $100K job with no connections.”

The next line spells out how: “Purchase time with real employees at the best companies in the world to get your foot in the door and learn the tips you need to get hired quickly.”

In this case, pay to play makes sense if you want to break into the likes of Facebook, Tesla, Deloitte, or another of the more than 500 companies that have employee advocates on Purple Squirrel’s platform, according to its cofounder and CEO, Jon Silber. An advocate is a current employee, but doesn’t formally represent the employer. Rather, they act as a paid mentor for 30-minute phone consultations.

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Can paying for insider info from employees at top companies help you land a six-figure job? That’s the promise from Purple Squirrel.

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