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This Networking Platform Lets You Pay For Advice From Employees At Your Dream Job | Fast Company

Posted on March 24th, 2017 by The Learning Factor

The landing page for Purple Squirrel makes a huge promise: “Land a $100K job with no connections.”

The next line spells out how: “Purchase time with real employees at the best companies in the world to get your foot in the door and learn the tips you need to get hired quickly.”

In this case, pay to play makes sense if you want to break into the likes of Facebook, Tesla, Deloitte, or another of the more than 500 companies that have employee advocates on Purple Squirrel’s platform, according to its cofounder and CEO, Jon Silber. An advocate is a current employee, but doesn’t formally represent the employer. Rather, they act as a paid mentor for 30-minute phone consultations.

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Can paying for insider info from employees at top companies help you land a six-figure job? That’s the promise from Purple Squirrel.

A Surprisingly Easy Way To Get Your Foot In The Door

Posted on March 17th, 2017 by The Learning Factor

One of the most frustrating aspects of job searching is feeling like you’ve already reached out to everyone you know. You’ve asked every contact you can possibly think of if you could buy them a cup of coffee—from your first boss to that former co-worker you didn’t even particularly like. Yet, you’re still just as far away from a new role as you were when you started.

I know it sounds too good to be true, but there is another way to expand your network, meet new people and make meaningful connections.

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When you’ve tried to network with everyone you know and have no leads, try this approach of searching LinkedIn to find more people based on skills you have.

3 Scientifically Proven Ways to Build Relationships That Last

Posted on January 25th, 2017 by The Learning Factor

Whether you are building your business, trying to land your dream job or climbing your way up the corporate ladder, it seems like everyone tells you to network. It is the key to achieving your goals. However, people rarely tell you exactly how to network effectively and build a community that will last.


Building a community takes a lot of dedication and has its challenges. I wasn’t always the best at navigating social situations. In fact, I was and still am a bit of a geek. But, by applying my knowledge of science, I have formed stronger, longer-lasting relationships Here are three ways you can too:

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Bring your career to the next level by connecting with the right people