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How to Get Experts to Work Together Effectively

Posted on May 12th, 2017 by The Learning Factor

How should teams of experts working on knowledge-intensive projects be structured? Should they be hierarchical? Or will flexible, self-organized groups perform better? 

Teams often struggle with how to get the most value from the members’ expertise, to minimize conflict, to integrate their diverse expertise, and to leverage it during all phases of a project.

The traditional approach is to put the person with the most experience and expertise in charge — for example, a head coach or a chief programmer. The assumption is that this person has the expertise to make the best decisions about how to allocate tasks and responsibilities. Teams that adopt this model feature a rigid hierarchy, whereby final decisions are centralized through this single, formally designated individual.

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A study of 71 software teams reveals a striking pattern.

11 Questions You Need to Ask About Your Team’s Effectiveness

Posted on November 23rd, 2016 by The Learning Factor

You have a great product or service. You have the funds to make it happen. Now, the big question is “Do you have the people to stand by you and execute?”


The biggest question for entrepreneurs today is how to create a culture to keep your dream growing to its full potential. The answer is by creating a place for people to continue to dev2elop both professionally and personally.


Dividing professional and personal dev2elopment is an oxymoron. One feeds the other. And when you have an environment of mutual respect and open communication, more people want to hang around with you and make magic at work. The hardest part of work is the people piece. It needs on-going attention to keep productivity high and stress low.


Here are 11 questions to ask yourself and your team to make sure you are heading in the right direction.

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You need a talented group of individuals to help you get to extraordinary success. Keep this list close at hand and make sure you and your colleagues are asking these questions every few months.

Four Ways To Improve Creative Collaboration Within Teams

Posted on September 26th, 2016 by The Learning Factor

Innovation is a team sport. Although creativity is a characteristic that is often used to describe individuals, the idea of the lone genius is a myth. Even famous inventors such as Thomas Edison where in reality representing the ‘work of many men’. Francis Jehl, a longtime assistant of Thomas Edison , used this phrase to describe the group of engineers who worked with Edison at his Menlo Park lab.


On the journey from ideation to a successful product launch, innovation necessitates the interaction of multiple actors, across many departments, with different expertise and knowledge. In writing about the illustrious history of Bell Labs, James Gertner notes that, ‘…almost by definition, a single person or even a single group, could not alone create an innovation. The task [is] too variegated and involved’.


Multidisciplinary collaboration is the stew in which creativity and innovation thrive. Such collaboration creates insights by exposing people to ideas from other disciplines besides their own area of specialization. This creates tremendous opportunities for serendipity. However, even in cross-functional teams, work is ultimately performed by individuals. Each person has to play their part. So how can we get the combined outputs of our teams to be more creative?

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Multidisciplinary collaboration is the stew in which creativity and innovation thrive. This article provides insights into the four interrelated activities that can help turn a collection of creatives into a creative collective.