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This Silicon Valley–Style Meeting Can Transform Your Whole Team

Posted on November 22nd, 2017 by The Learning Factor

It happens to high- and low-performing teams alike: The ties that bind everyone together just aren’t as strong as they could be. Maybe you’ve inherited a team that’s always been sluggish and uninspired, or one that’s usually steady, but the trust is eroding under pressure. Or perhaps you’re just trying to take your team to the next level. Whatever the case, every team needs to reflect once in a while on what could be improved. It’s human nature to be conflict-averse, but it’s every manager’s job to bring points of conflict out into the open and move forward together.


Unfortunately, most meetings aren’t the best venues for doing that. Typical team meetings focus on planning what’s ahead–an upcoming project, the next quarter’s top goals and metrics, expectations moving forward. But there’s a simple alternative, focused on reviewing the immediate past, that can change how your team works for the better.

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“Retrospectives” are common at tech companies and startups but still underused everywhere else. They shouldn’t be.

This 5-Minute Rule Is Proven to Make Your Meetings More Productive

Posted on November 17th, 2017 by The Learning Factor

More companies are now embracing “agile” meetings and daily check-ins to make their teams more productive and efficient. The hard rule? Keep it under five minutes or be ready to be rudely cut off in front of your peers.


While some argue this laser approach to meetings won’t get anything accomplished, The Wall Street Journal recently published a story that convincingly declares otherwise.


Time is too precious to waste in high-demand business settings. The old ritual of booking conference rooms and clogging calendars with 30 or 60-minutes of drudgery is being replaced by five-minute huddles where teams cut to the chase and make decisions on the spot.

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A new meeting trend promises to increase efficiency and productivity.

5 Strategies for Team Brainstorming to Use in Your Next Meeting

Posted on November 10th, 2017 by The Learning Factor

Team brainstorming seems like a good idea–at least, on paper. What usually happens is this: the company is experiencing a tough problem that no single person seems able to solve, so someone decides that more minds means more processing power, and before you know it you’re all gathered in the conference room.


One or two people churn out bad idea after bad idea, while everyone else stares at the wall or multitasks. There are no major breakthroughs and most of you are irritated at the waste of time.


Sound familiar? Why is this such a problem?

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Planning a meeting for your team? Make sure you abide by these 5 rules to ensure it’s actually productive.

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