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5 Powerful Steps to Improve Employee Engagement

Posted on October 16th, 2017 by The Learning Factor

The current business environment, and the world in general, is moving faster than it ever has before. Organizations across the globe are faced with more change than most can handle – in order to compete and dominate their segment they are required to grow faster often giving them less time to focus on managing all of their financial goals. They are forced to grow quickly with fewer resource – to do more with less. Managers have to learn to excel in managing themselves, their teams and meeting organizational goals simultaneously.


It is a common understanding of a vast majority of leaders that the employees are a company’s most important asset. But in reality, that is only true when the majority of the workforce is fully engaged in their work. If not, they are either adding minimal value or actively working against the organization.


There are three types of employees in any organization:

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Employees disengagement costs the United States upwards of $550 billion a year. A problem but great opportunity.

A 6-Year Study Reveals the Surprising Key to Team Performance (and 9 Ways to Enable It)

Posted on October 12th, 2017 by The Learning Factor

Psychologist John Gottman can predict whether or not a married couple will be together five years later with startling 90 percent accuracy. How does he do it?


He watches them argue.


The ability to engage in healthy, productive debate is not only essential for ensuring a long marriage–it’s also the key determinant of high performing teams.


A recently released six-year study cites the ability to manage conflicting tensions as the most critical predictor of top-team performance. Berkeley research shows teams that debate their ideas have 25 percent more ideas altogether and that companies like Pixar embrace healthy debate as a vital part of their performance (in its case to make better films).


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A recently reported six-year study revealed that high-performing teams need to be good at this (and it’s not so easy).

11 Questions You Need to Ask About Your Team’s Effectiveness

Posted on November 23rd, 2016 by The Learning Factor

You have a great product or service. You have the funds to make it happen. Now, the big question is “Do you have the people to stand by you and execute?”


The biggest question for entrepreneurs today is how to create a culture to keep your dream growing to its full potential. The answer is by creating a place for people to continue to develop both professionally and personally.


Dividing professional and personal development is an oxymoron. One feeds the other. And when you have an environment of mutual respect and open communication, more people want to hang around with you and make magic at work. The hardest part of work is the people piece. It needs on-going attention to keep productivity high and stress low.


Here are 11 questions to ask yourself and your team to make sure you are heading in the right direction.

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You need a talented group of individuals to help you get to extraordinary success. Keep this list close at hand and make sure you and your colleagues are asking these questions every few months.

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