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Five Work Habits To Kick Before The End Of The Year

Posted on September 13th, 2017 by The Learning Factor

Sometimes you have to ditch certain plans, routines, and habits in order to make good on your big-ticket goals before the clock runs out.

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Sometimes you have to ditch certain plans, routines, and habits in order to make good on your big-ticket goals before the clock runs out.

Don’t just cram more in your day

Posted on May 16th, 2016 by The Learning Factor

Time management is not cramming more into your day. Time management will help you spend your time according to your goal.

Effective time management is essential to attain your career and personal goals.

If you are unclear about what you are trying to achieve, it is difficult to achieve it.

We all have 24 hours in a given day, seven days in the week, and 52 weeks in the year. Our time needs to be managed effectively and efficiently to meet work goals and priorities, balance work and personal life, reduce stress and increase motivation.

Time management entails selecting the most relevant task to complete from all the possibilities available, and then by doing it in the best possible way. Action needs to be planned. Action is not an end in itself; rather it is a means to attain a goal.

There are misconceptions about time management. We need to control how we use our time to reduce stress and produce higher level outcomes. Both urgent and the longer term important tasks need to be completed.

When we control our time to reach our goals, we spend our time to its fullest advantage, rather than “firefighting” issues.

Research shows that an investment in planning gives us more time. We need to invest time to use our time effectively – doing the most important things first, and efficiently – in the quickest and best way.

In the workplace, we are under pressure to maximise our time to achieve set outcomes. This is easier said than done when we are confronted with time wasters. Sometimes, these can be unavoidable. Other times, these can be overcome with a change in approach. The first step is to identify these time wasters. Examples include:

  • Information overload with emails or paperwork
  • Difficulty saying no
  • Telephone calls or meetings that are not focussed and too long
  • Doing too much at one time

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How to manage your time for effective results and personal wellbeing.

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The 1 Quick Question That Will Instantly Make You More Productive

Posted on May 13th, 2016 by The Learning Factor

You’re blurry-eyed and slack-jawed at your desk, staring at a to-do list so long you feel like you could wrap it around the entire earth — twice. Yes, we’ve all found ourselves in this stressful situation every now and then.

Facing a to-do list that feels completely unmanageable isn’t fun. In fact, it’s usually enough to make me want to curl up under my desk in the fetal position and hide until all of those pesky tasks dissolve away.

But, unfortunately, that tactic has yet to work out for me. So, I’ve had to find another method to deal with my mile-long list of assignments.

I’ve tried my fair share of productivity tips, tricks, and hacks that promise to help me grab the bull by the horns and conquer my to-do list with confidence and a healthy dose of strategy. However, I’ve found that most of those (although, not all!) really only manage to serve as a distraction and slow me down.

Instead, I prefer to keep things basic, simple, and intuitive. So, when looking at my overwhelming to-do list, I always ask myself this one quick and easy question to pare down my tasks and channel my focus:

Does this absolutely need to be done today?

I know, it’s so straightforward and obvious, you’re likely groaning and rolling your eyes at me right now. But, it’s actually an important inquiry that most people skip when creating their own lists. Humor me and allow me to dive in and explain why this question is so effective.

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Goodbye cluttered to-do list, hello laser focus.

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