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Emotionally Intelligent Ways To Express These 5 Feelings At Work

Posted on February 19th, 2018 by The Learning Factor

You’ve heard by now that you need to be “transparent” and “authentic” and to “bring your whole self” to work. More often than not, these phrases are shorthand for expressing your feelings. But while it’s true that you need an emotionally intelligent approach both to build a great work culture and to advance your own career, there’s more to it than just wearing your feelings on your sleeve.


Showing emotional savvy isn’t only about candor, though that’s certainly part of it. Properly channeling your emotions in the workplace is a powerful leadership skill. With that in mind, here’s how to calibrate and convey five of the most common emotions you’re likely to experience at work.

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No matter what emotions you’re experiencing, there’s a way to channel them to project leadership.

5 Workday Hacks Backed by Science That’ll Boost Your Chances of Success

Posted on January 17th, 2018 by The Learning Factor

Wasting time is one of the biggest reasons you aren’t more successful right now. Review how you’ve spent your time today, and you’ll likely find plenty of unproductive time that you may not have even spent relaxing or preparing to be productive later.


Simply planning your day can make a big difference. Science has a lot to say about this. For example, it turns out that our willpower may be better earlier in the day and we need to take advantage of that.


The idea is that planning creates a guideline the brain wants to stick to. Here’s more on how that helps create success, as well as some other approaches that can help.

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If science isn’t your thing, use the advice of Mark Twain to hack your day for success.

This Study of 400,000 People Reveals the 1 Reason Employees Work Harder (and It’s Not Pay or Benefits or Culture Decks)

Posted on January 12th, 2018 by The Learning Factor

Forget slogans and posters. Forget mission statements. Forget culture decks. A survey of over 400,000 people across the U.S. found that when employees believe promotions are managed effectively, they are more than two times as likely to give extra effort at work — and to plan for having a long-term future with their company.


But wait, there’s more: When employees believe promotions are managed effectively, they are more than five times as likely to believe their leaders act with integrity.


The result? At those companies, employee turnover rates are half that of other companies in the same industry. Productivity, innovation, and growth metrics outperform the competition. For public companies, stock returns are almost three times the market average.

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The good news is, every company — and every leader — can instantly adopt this one practice

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