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The ChallengeThe Challenge

Cisco, the world’s largest networking company, recognised their role in the digital transformation has never been more important. Especially considering that 85% of internet traffic globally travel across their systems. Realising that these fast-changing business conditions require agility, they set about to transform the competencies of their IT professionals.

Though Cisco possesses many skilled IT professionals with amazing technical skills, times have changed, and now it is important for consultants to become more than this. The business required their professionals to be Internal Consultants, trusted advisors to managers, internal customers, and peers. The organisation struggled to find a way to increase the competencies required without blowing their training budget.

Being an innovative and creative company, Cisco foresaw the solution was to build an internal program where employees could learn the “Cisco” internal consulting techniques and processes. Not only would this be beneficial to their present business requirements, it would also be extremely cost effective, especially if they could find a training partner who could build the program and have locally based facilitators around the world who could speak the local language.


IdeaOur Approach

For more than 8 years, The Learning Factor has been worked with Cisco providing training globally to thousands of their employees as well as delivering Managed Training Services throughout their Asia Pacific, Japan, and China (APJC) Theatres.

The Learning Factor’s Instructional Designers set about developing a bespoke program which was ultimatley delivered by our global trainers. Due to their expertise in the many cultures the program would be implemented, we were able to tailor the program’s language to fit the needs of individual cultures and provided bilingual facilitators spanning most of the world.  Even with all of the specifics for each country and culture, we were able to assimilate the program well enough that it maintained the “look and feel” of a Cisco-specific program.

The Learning Factor’s instructional design team immediately began working with the Cisco SME’s to determine what were the key skills and knowledge required as well as the problems and the opportunities the business face. Additionally, external research was conducted with variety of companies in the same and similar industries to determine what were generally considered as required key skills and knowledge.

In conjunction, our Operations Team began to source and train the “best fit” facilitators from around the world who would be suited for delivering the course.


The ResultsThe Results

Courses have been running in every Cisco theatre including China, India, UK, USA, Israel, Poland, Netherlands and other locations around the world.

After one year of the program, the feedback from participants has been outstanding. On the job, there has been a significant improvement in the consulting skills of the IT professionals.

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