Training Outsourcing will save you time and money now

Is the way you train your teams holding you back?

Global business is fast. It’s competitive. That’s what you need to be if your organisation is going to thrive. But you know that. You also know you need to keep your staff and partners skilled up and ready for action.

But simply teaching them isn’t enough.

The Learning Factor has turned the world of learning upside down and sidelined the old rules of one-way teaching. We empower your employees and channel partners to learn from each other and see the potential of new ideas when no one else does. That gives you the power to innovate much faster than your competitors.

That’s all very well but how about we show you what Training Outsourcing means for you?

By partnering with The Learning Factor – Asia Pacific’s leader in Training Outsourcing – our clients have reduced their training spend by up to 30% and saved hundreds of thousands of dollars on training-related travel costs – all whilst increasing the on-the-job performance of their employees.

That’s The Learning Factor difference.

Discover the secret that some of the world’s leading companies know already:

The Learning Factor takes what you can do and helps you make it smarter, faster, and more cost effective in every way.

“The Learning Factor provided outstanding resources who had the depth of experience to quickly assimilate both operational risk and system knowledge to deliver high-quality learning materials. The deliverables were produced under tight time frames and from a system that was in a continuous development state. Working with The Learning Factor made it easy to achieve my objectives on time and within budget.”
Risk System Integration Manager, Commonwealth Bank

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