October 30th, 2014
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3 Secrets Your Competitors Know About eLearning

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Responsive eLearning

Would you like to know what your competitors are doing? Would you like to know what they are working on and what are they building for the future?

Well, I can’t give away too many details, but what I can tell you that the leading companies right now are spending a lot of money on developing eLearning.

“We have never seen a time when so many companies are embracing eLearning and moving all their training onto this platform.”

Companies have realised that Gen X, Y & Z have been brought up on computer games and virtual worlds and they readily embrace eLearning. Right now there is a shortage of quality eLearning instructional designers (don’t worry though, we have kept some contractors in reserve for you). مواقع مراهنات كرة قدم

eLearning Group

Responsive and accessible on all devices.

The three most significant benefits of eLearning are:

1. eLearning can cut learning time by one-third

We all want to learn fast, learn on the job and only learn what we need. Sending staff away for three day’s training is a huge loss to the business. ivermectin injectable for dogs dosage How can we get them up to speed faster? eLearning can cut training time by half or even in some cases one-third.

Recently we were working with a client who had a 2-day instructor-led course and they wanted to convert the whole thing to eLearning.

We were able to convert their 14 hours of instructor-led training to 9 x 30 minute eLearning modules. ivermectin for humans uk That is 4.5 hours of eLearning. They were ecstatic to have such a reduced time and the greatest news was the employee engagement was extremely positive.

2. eLearning can be both informative and fun

Role-based scenarios and gamification can make your learning both informative and fun.

We recently had to develop a course for a Risk team at a large financial organization. equimax 14.03 praziquantel/1.87 ivermectin paste sale The module was mandatory and had to be rolled out to 45,000 employees. Being a Risk team, they were a little risk averse however the team came up with a role-based scenario where the person was driving a car. In the module we used the intersections, signs, breakdowns etc., to highlight things to be aware of in Risk.

3. eLearning isn’t expensive

We are working with one of the world’s largest gas companies. What they were looking for was good solid eLearning at a competitive price so they could put all their compliance and OHS modules online. العاب على النت We are working with our team in India to develop these modules for our client. We use our Australian instructional designers to quality control all the work.

At The Learning Factor, we simplify the business of learning. We craft exceptional training solutions that solve critical business challenges across all touchpoints, screens, and devices.

If you have like what you have read and would like to speak to us about how we can assist with eLearning, we would love to hear from you. You can chat with us LIVE between 8.30am-5pm Monday to Friday using the yellow chat button on this screen. Also be sure to follow us on LinkedIn.

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