4 Ways to Sell Your Team On an Idea

Posted on April 21st, 2017 by The Learning Factor

New ideas, whether it’s a way to improve upon a process or something that completely goes against the grain, are what keep the business engine going. Some lead to big breakthroughs while others fall dead in the sand. But every idea, good or bad, has one common link: It required buy-in by someone other than the originator.

The history of great ideas is littered with the remains of potentially great innovations, notions and plans that never saw the light of day simply because the pitch failed to ignite a fire or set a series of actions into play. Anyone who’s experienced the frustration of others just “not getting it!” knows how critical team buy-in is for the success of an idea.

The next time you bring a novel idea to your company’s table, consider adopting a few of these strategies for selling it through.

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Selling your team on a new idea is an art form. Here are effective ways to persuade your team to work on your idea.

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