Our client is the world’s largest independent exploration and production company, featuring in Fortune 100’s list of top companies for two consecutive years.

This dynamic company invested $20 billion into a new Australian project – and needed a training partner. The selection process was rigorous and highly exclusive due to the high investment, and the organisation’s tendency to commit to long-term relationships with suppliers. In the end, we were their choice.

Our mission was to develop a series of 60 eLearning modules, engaging enough so that staff would complete them, and accessible on all mobile devices. The deadlines were tight as the $20B project could not kick off until all employees had completed the mandatory programs including induction, safety, IT systems, and counter-terrorism training.

We are a tight-knit crew, so when we take on a client – they become our family, and we care. We want to guide them as they smash their targets and thrive. So naturally, we wanted to provide the best reassurance possible, which meant committing to a multifaceted Service-Level Agreement, which included:

Exceeding expectations in regards to learner feedback and user experience

Providing scalability for their growing needs

Meeting tight deadlines



Launching a high volume of training modules requires complex planning of technical elements and scalable strategies, including seamless uploading of modules onto the Learning Management System.

Harnessing the perfect blend of creativity and strategy, we initially led discovery sessions before producing first-round wireframes and interactive clickable prototypes. Following the UX phase, we briefed our graphic designers to design the interface of all the new modules.

Our development team was challenged with bringing the modules to life. We introduced new visual and experiential elements to the modules that meant we were able to track compliance at a deeper level. The outcome of the development stages of the project was just as we planned, sharp, interactive and ultimately usable modules, which were accessible on all devices.

Our project management team implemented a fully agile project management approach, creating manageable sprint plans for both the development team and client with quality assurance channels built in throughout.



We created connected, online learning modules for our client, where every touch point was designed to evoke the importance of complying with the systems and procedures. Within only a matter of weeks, we received positive tangible feedback from stakeholders, SMEs and our key contacts in Procurement.

Our client expressed their delight with our level of commitment and additionally noted that we were the only partner able to scale up quickly and smoothly to match their needs. They have seen a remarkable turnaround in production, as their teams were able to commence work on site due to such a rapid and effective deployment of the mandatory training.

With our proven success, our relationship with our client has prospered, which has resulted in our Agreement being renewed multiple times over the years.

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