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Our mission is to simplify the business of learning. We have set out to make it easier for you to think big, to turn your ideas about converting the potential of highly-skilled trained teams into your competitive advantage.

You can now quickly get training into the hands of your employees, customers or partners, which ultimately will convert to business performance improvement.

Our Express Design Service makes online training development as easy as it is ever going to be. And this makes it much more affordable.

Get your teams engaged and excited to learn by swiping, tapping, and getting learners fully involved with clickable graphics, links to external resources, and simple exercises such as quizzes and drag-and-drop exercises.

Use our cost calculator to get an estimate of the cost to develop your online training program using our Express Service. Or click here to learn more about our Made to Order Service, for a much more interactive and captivating module.


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This helps us understand what resources are best for your particular course.

How long do you want your course to be?

To teach a skill, your course may need to be 10+ minutes. Micro Learning (short, specific bursts of training) is perfect for teaching product features or to refresh a skill.

How polished should your online training look?
How fast do you need your course completed?

As a rule, the more people who are going to sign off on the content the more time you need.

Where are your users going to access your course?

To report and track compliance completions, online training needs to be deployed on a Learning Management System (LMS). If you dont require this, you can publish the course on a website.

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