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We design custom online learning modules specific to your organisation’s needs. And when it comes to creating and developing, our experience runs deep. Everything we do has learning at its heart, so we know how to engage your workforce and customers at every touch point. 

We’ve worked with hundreds of ­organisations – from building microlearning modules that provide quick, accessible training —right when they need it the most, game-based programs to engage millennials, and everything in between.­­ We work with varying budgets and technologies, so talk to us about your training needs.

Over two decades, we’ve proved ourselves by working with some of the world’s most prominent global brands like Cisco, CBA, Blackmores, Eli Lilly and Rio Tinto and our online training solutions reach more than 800K workers across the globe. 



We create immersive online learning experiences for your employees and customers that are captivating, engaging and ensures that learners put it to practical use.

Our interactive modules are fun to experience and designed with a high visual appeal, which can be accessed on every device.

From instructional designers, creatives, developers, and project planners, we bring our collective experience to bear on your project. With the choice of virtual reality, games, 3D modelling, motion capture, motion design, creative editorial, avatars, and more, your audience will be thrilled and excited.

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Keeping your teams trained is tough. New product launches, the intensity of competition, and the degree to which customers needs are being met make training even more critical.

Our Express Design Service makes online training development as easy as it is ever going to be. And this makes it much more affordable.

Get your teams swiping, tapping, and fully engaged with clickable graphics, links to external resources, and simple exercises such as quizzes and drag-and-drop exercises.

Bold ideas work. If you’re looking for some fresh thinking and want to see an example of a program, give us a holler.

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Online video translation is on the rise and will be your most important communication tool globally. We offer a fully managed service to our clients by providing expert translation services to leading global organisations.

Our translation partner is an ISO Certified organisation, and with our expertise in adult learning, we can develop scripts and storyboards to help learners retain what they’ve learned.

And our linguists, voiceover artists, and actors are located all over the world, so we perfect the accent, tone, and rate of speech for any project you have.

  • Transcription

  • Subtitles

  • Voiceover

Our Process for Design and Development


Innovation in digital training experiences requires heavy collaboration between design teams and business leads. We partner with client organisations to blend into a single cohesive team.

We establish design milestones and collaborate on next steps. At every stage, from the analysis, through designing and prototyping, to testing and production, we underscore the importance of keeping entire business teams engaged.

Step 1

Step 1

Project Start-Up


Start strong—finish strong. We place a heavy emphasis up front on really understanding your business need, your stakeholders, your audience, and your content.

Step 3

Step 3

Develop Storyboard


The storyboard captures what will be on every screen of the course. We use our instructional design expertise to identify the program objectives and use the storyboard to outline our approach. The storyboard describes all of the content, interactions, and assessments and will provide visual suggestions about graphics and animations.

Step 2

Step 2

Design Plan


We get busy designing the course blueprint, which is made up of three elements: Instructional Design approach, Table of Contents and Visual Style. This visual plan gives you the confidence in the direction your course is heading.

Step 4

Step 4

Develop and Review Phase


This is where your storyboard comes to life. The alpha version is a working, living, breathing version of your course. You and your stakeholders can review everything to make sure it meets your expectations. After receiving your feedback, we make final changes and deliver the “final draft”, with professionally recorded audio integrated.

Step 5

Step 5

Quality Assurance


We have a team of trained developers who review the courses for technical functionality, style consistency, and browser compatibility. And programs are available on all mobile devices, so you’ll feel confident knowing that your course works from start to finish.

Step 6

Step 6

Publish and Deliver


We turn over the published course files for you to post on the platform of your choice, such as your website or learning management system. You also receive the source files in case you ever want to make updates yourself.

Bringing people and projects together

Simplify the way our team works

Our online work management system brings our projects and remote teams under one roof. The whole project team has unique online access, so everybody knows who’s doing what so we deliver projects on time. We track and manage everything – from day one to deadline.

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