July 13th, 2022
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How Can You Thrive in the Gig Economy

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How Can You Thrive in the Gig Economy?

Uber, Deliveroo, The Learning Factor – what do these three have in common? These are companies that have embraced the new business model and adapted to new customer needs.

History’s graveyard is littered with the bones of companies whose leadership refused to adapt to changing times. Today is no different; the Gig Economy is here, companies can either embrace it or can fall behind.

The Learning Factor utilises thousands of Gig Economy consultants globally to support their clients with contractors, consultants, and learning specialists. This new style of doing business is dubbed the “network orchestration” model.

There are two ways you can work with the Gig Economy; Go out into the market and deal directly with individuals or partner with a network orchestrator that has a network of peers where participants share in value creation. 

Problems dealing directly with the Gig Economy:

There are good and bad consequences in dealing with the Gig Economy. Here are some of the problems that we hear from clients who have tried to go it alone:

  • Quality— You don’t always get the quality you expect. We spoke to a learning manager in Sydney two weeks ago who told us they had some eLearning developed and then found it did not work on their SuccessFactors LMS. It took months to get it fixed and in order for it to work on their LMS.
  • Warranty— You often don’t have any warranty for their work. We spoke to a learning manager in Brisbane who told us they spent $15K for one video and found that they couldn’t use the video due to poor video quality.
  • Dependability — You find a good person on Fiverr and use them for a few projects, and then you find they have had to go and get a full-time role to survive.
  • Timeline Challenges— Your work is put in a queue with a lot of other work. One person juggles all the projects, and this puts your timeline at risk of being pushed out.
  • Managing — You need to spend time managing all these people and keeping your projects on track, on time and on budget.

Network Orchestration

Successful companies change and adapt to the needs of their clients. The Learning Factor has been utilising the Gig Economy since its inception as a network orchestrator. The Learning Factor has won multiple awards and accolades on projects for clients on the Fortune 500 and ASX 100 clients.

By utilising the Gig Economy to support their customers they have access to the best of the best talent globally, the ability to scale as the need arises and the ability to provide cost-effective solutions. These are the keys to that success:

3 Keys for a successful network orchestration company

  1. Communication— being responsive is a priority to customers; having to contact people through a web site email is not customer-focused. Successful companies provide several ways to contact them now, chatbot, phone and/or a key point of contact.
  2. Processes— Proven and solid processes are the foundation for all successful projects. Successful companies dealing in the Gig Economy recognise that these processes are the key to their customer’s success. These include a back-up plan, testing phase and a warranty period.
  3. Network— To run a leading-edge, digitally powered, learning ecosystem, you need a global network of specialists. Companies dealing with the Gig Economy have a core group of tried and proven consultants who are specialists in their field. This experience comes over a number of projects and years of working together.

Staying competitive requires flexible thinking around business procedures, being open to new ideas, and recognising the power of your networks.

At The Learning Factor, we simplify the business of learning.

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