End-to-end Training Services


For over two decades, we have helped some of the world’s leading organisations reduce L&D costs and improve quality. Our fully coordinated, vendor-neutral, end-to-end managed training services free up internal resources to work on more strategic initiatives. And in the background, we handle the details and logistics of designing and delivering training.

Our Managed Training Services are flexible and can take care of all administration and vendor management for a company or division-wide training programs, including reporting, vendor management, invoicing, spend tracking, and course administration. We establish and manage preferred vendor panels and monitor pricing and compliance with risk and regulatory requirements, and can even provide an onsite or offsite training administration help desk.

As a leader in training outsourcing, we know just what to do to reduce your training spend by up to 30% – all while you increase the on-the-job performance of your workforce.

Power and flexibilty


Companies with access to the best networks will not only outperform their competition today, but they will also outperform them tomorrow and every day after that. We give you access to our global resources that have been established over two decades.

Our services have been designed to cover the entire learning lifecycle. We give you the power and flexibility to scale your training up or down, without massive overheads or penalties. The result is that your teams will have the keys to the skills and knowledge they need, when and where they need them.

We have the whole process covered; whatever stage your organisation is at now, whatever training support you need in the future.

That kind of responsiveness will keep you one step ahead of your competition. Now…that sounds like a competitive advantage.


Training designed by our team is like an expertly tailored suit. It fits. Perfectly.

Let our Instructional Designers take your knowledge and apply our expertise, creating customised training programs that connect your people to the information they need.

We begin by spending time with your subject matter experts, the people who have the expertise you need to share. We take that knowledge and create customised training modules that can be accessed on all devices, screens or touchpoints.

The result is world-class training tailored to fit your organisation. Perfectly.

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We’re a global award winner for a reason: our team. With over 1,000 trainers, who are located across the world, the expertise you need is never far away.

Our facilitators all have real commercial experience and bring their own specialist skills to their role. They are highly experienced at what they do and we make sure they stay sharp with a constant in-house assessment. That’s right. We test them.

As they are locally based, they speak the local language and understand cultural differences.

Don’t just take our word for it. Our Fortune 500 and ASX clients all rave about us.

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Close the door on your training back office. We centralise your training administration so that you are using tools, technology, and people at maximum efficiency – because that’s what saves you money.

Our Operations Team takes on the responsibility for the logistics that make training happen, from internal course promotion and enrollment through to ensuring each training location is equipped and resourced. We remove crossovers and duplication, releasing your valuable resources for more strategic work.

We can work on site and off-site and our services are scalable, giving you a flexibility that fits your needs and your budget.

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Being vendor-neutral, we take all your training vendors and create a streamlined strategy – the kind of strategy that means your people get the training they need, when they need it, so your budget looks a lot healthier at the end of each quarter.

When you use multiple training vendors, there is bound to be some crossover and duplication. That means you’re spending more money on training services than you need to.We work through a detailed process of finding out what you need your learning and development programs to do. Then we make sure your training vendors can get you there with without reinventing the wheel each time.This saves you money across the entire organisation.

Our vendor management strategies also make sure all your training activities bring you closer to meeting your overall business goals and objectives.

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I have worked very closely with The Learning Factor team for years. The company has been our preferred supplier for the delivery and facilitation of a wide range of management development, leadership and general training programs.

The team quickly proved themselves to be in a league of their own in terms of providing consistently high-quality facilitators and trainers, and a very reliable training administration support process. They have worked closely with us to ensure that an economically viable service framework has been put in place and to provide an ongoing open dialogue between us.

This has ensured that we work together to continuously improve our training and related services. As a key partner for outsourced training services, they have been very successful in providing a seamless service to our people and acting as professional company representatives. From working with our most senior executives…to providing facilitators for diversity programs for thousands of employees…, through to providing specialist contractors to work on various projects…The Learning Factor team have continued to “pull out the “stops” for us. Head of Training and Development - Global Bank