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There are some skills that apply to every business in every industry – the kind of skills that make your teams more productive and more effective at whatever they do.

When you need to get your staff up to speed quickly or meet your compliance obligations, we’ve got you covered. We used two decades of training experience to create over 40 specialised face-to-face-training programs, all of which are ready-to-go. And if you are pressed for time and resources, you can even use our global facilitators, who have a wealth of commercial experience, to deliver these programs.

Done and Dusted.

With our full suite of ready-built programs, we can assist you to meet your organisation’s business goals. We’ve even put together some program outlines so you can read more about our courses.

Together, anything is possible.

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Leading your Business

Programs include Inspirational Leadership, Leading with Emotional Intelligence, Designing the Organisational Future, Intrapreneurship, and Leading High Performance Teams, and more.

Managing Your Team

Program include Managing Your Time; Success in Global Teams, Dealing with Difficult People, and Preparing Impactful Presentations, and more.

Sales and Customer Service

Programs include Fundamentals of Sales Success, Successful Sales Presentations, and Inspiring Service Excellence, and more.

Ethics and Compliance

Programs include Bullying, Harassment and Discrimination; Occupational Health & Safety, and Competition and Consumer Act (formerly Trade Practices Act) and Fraud, and more.

IT Training

Most software and other vendor training.

Technical Training

Customised training programs based on your needs.