There isn’t much room for competition at the very peak of success. 
And so, Australia’s top global banks participate in an aggressive race to reach the top as the ultimate regional leader in what is arguably one of the highest indicators of a business’ success:
 Customer satisfaction.

Our client made it their very goal to reach this peak in record time, so they thought innovatively to meet their aggressive deadlines. The quick-thinking Learning and Development team needed immediate access to qualified Instructional Designers and eLearning experts – people who could work in an agile environment, who could hit the ground running, and who could roll their sleeves up to get work quickly underway.

In the past, they had sourced all contractors through recruitment companies that offered services across a broad range of industries. The candidates supplied did not cut it – they lacked creativity, initiative, and depth of skill required. The stakeholders were becoming frustrated – and in some dismaying cases – projects came to a complete halt.

After analysing the learning and delivery cycle, the L&D team concluded that the recruiters failed to possess a thorough understanding of the job roles they were recruiting for, so they went to the market to source a provider that offered specialisation in the training industry.



We have over twenty years of specialisation in the industry. Due to this expertise, we were able to enter this partnership with the confidence that stemmed knowing that we have well-established networks and long-standing relationships. We know our contractors’ skill set as we frequently place them in our client organisations. And they go the extra mile for us as we honour their expertise in training and realise the value they bring through their industry specialisation.

Our brief was to provide a flexible, scalable pool of training contractors who could work in an agile environment. Unlike the previous attempts at sourcing expert resources, these professionals needed to be high achievers and proficient experts in their specialisation. We have a database of over 10,000 training professionals who are all experts in their particular field and industry. So, we cherry-picked a team of talented high-performers, safeguarding we had solid proof of their abilities.

To ensure a smooth, speedy process for our client, we additionally developed a tailored induction program – so when our team got the call – they could fire right out of the gate.



We pride ourselves as a preferred supplier – and have worked hard to maintain this reputation. We are continuously self-monitoring and improving our techniques, and as a result, have developed some game-changing solutions. Not only have we set the benchmark for refreshingly innovative and creative quality work, but additionally, two of our contractors won CEO awards for outstanding work and innovation.

Our client was provided with these very expert resources at short notice and continues to be delighted with the quality of our contractors. The goal of reducing costs and increasing quality was met quickly with no time lost.

Initially engaged to provide facilitation services for a suite of core leadership programs, our offering through The Learning Factor quickly grew as their passion and experience became evident. Their national pool of experienced facilitators has helped us to be agile in delivering quality training where and when it is needed. The Learning Factor have placed huge importance on building and maintaining a genuine partnering relationship with us, such that they understand the continually changing nature of our business and ensure their facilitators can reflect this in the training room… it all makes for one team committed to growing the capability of our colleagues. Training Manager - Global Bank

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