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How Constraints Force Your Brain To Be More Creative

Posted on February 10th, 2017 by The Learning Factor

For decades, the dominant view among psychologists was that constraints served as a barrier to creativity. Anybody who spends a short time working under a confining bureaucracy, dealing with a micromanaging boss, or sitting in a classroom that teaches to the test can grasp the appeal of this argument. But it isn’t the whole story.


Patricia Stokes is a Columbia University psychologist and an expert in the science of creativity. In one experiment she conducted back in 1993, rodents were forced to press a bar with only their right paws. Eventually, they not only learned to adapt to that constraint, but they figured out how to press the bar in more ways than a group that had free use of their limbs. This has come to be called “little ‘c’ creativity”—a form of creativity not focused on producing creative works but rather on solving practical problems through new uses and applications of resources. And it’s this form of creativity that tends to get short shrift.

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When we have less to work with, psychologists have found that we actually begin to see the world differently.

5 Creativity-Boosting Habits For People Who Can’t Stand Routines

Posted on January 9th, 2017 by The Learning Factor


Scientific research has already uncovered some surprising facts about how creativity works. And this time of year especially, there’s ample advice out there for those looking to adopt new and better habits and keep their New Year’s resolutions going strong. The trouble is that much of that advice rests on carefully established routines—daily practices that some people just aren’t wired (or simply aren’t inclined) to stick with.


When it comes to creativity, though, a little less structure and predictability may actually work in your favor. Here’s a look at five habits to improve your creative chops, backed by scientific research, that don’t require committing to a specific daily practice.

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Not all routines have to be structured to be useful. Sometimes it’s better if they aren’t.

Do These 4 Things To Foster New Creativity

Posted on October 21st, 2016 by The Learning Factor

Consider this: Dave Myers, an employee working for Gore-Tex fabric innovator W.L. Gore, was tinkering with some new ideas one workday—taking advantage of the company’s 10 percent daily allotment of creative time—when he wondered if one of their products, normally used to coat push-pull cables, could also be used to make guitar strings more comfortable.

Workplace creativity resulted in a new innovation for W.L.Gore.

While the coated guitar strings were only slightly easier on the fingertips, they did manage to keep their clear tone longer than guitar strings already on the market. Realizing this, Gore quickly launched its own brand of guitar strings. ELIXIR Strings are now the No. 1 selling acoustic guitar string currently on the market. It was because of the innovative mind of Mr. Myers, and that approved creativity time in his workday, that Gore was able to expand into an entirely new product market.


What could your company do with a little extra creative genius? By establishing a creativity-friendly work culture, the possibilities could be immeasurable. Here are four ways to encourage the best creativity from your employees.

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With some thoughtful guidance, you can uncover new levels of creative talent in your employees.