Cisco is the largest networking company in the world. With 85% of all internet traffic around the globe travelling across their systems, they recognise their impact upon our ever-transforming digital world. Successful and competent businesses invest heavily in the continued development of the teams – so, naturally, our client came to us to broaden the skill base of their IT professionals.

Although they have a host of IT executives with proven supreme technical skills, they discovered that in addition to their traditional role, they needed to boost their team’s internal consulting skills.

Although they had been running an off-the-shelf program with some success, the Learning and Development team decided to invest in the design and development of a customised 2-day Cisco Internal Consulting Skills program.



Cisco is part of our client family, and we have proudly partnered with the innovative company for over ten years, providing global training for thousands of their employees, as well as delivering Managed Training Services globally.

Our team began immediate collaboration with Cisco’s SME’s to determine the essential skills and knowledge required for the training, as well as possible roadblocks and opportunities. Additionally, we conducted external research with a variety of companies in similar industries to determine the vital skills and knowledge.

The next step was for our Instructional Designers to put their creative hats on to design a bespoke program. Due to our cultural expertise, we were able to customise the program to fit multiple languages, and our bilingual facilitators were able to add relevance by using country-specific examples for worldwide delivery.

To deliver the program globally, our Operations Team began assembling facilitators experienced in the IT industry who were located around the world to facilitate the programs.



Our collaboration with Cisco has allowed the company to provide comprehensive, specialised training to all its employees around the world, including Israel, China, India, Poland, The Netherlands, UK, USA, and more.

The feedback from participants has been outstanding and exceptionally rewarding. Likewise, from a business perspective, there has been a significant improvement in the internal consulting skills of their IT professionals.

By outsourcing the training administration associated with the rollout of this global project, the internal Cisco team was able to focus on other key departmental priorities while saving money and effort.

How refreshing to work with a vendor that exemplifies partnership, professionalism, and integrity. When it came to looking for experienced classroom facilitators we turned to Learning Factor. They provided several facilitators that helped take our training to the next level. They worked well with the producers we provided and made each delivery the best it could be. When we had continuous updates to the content and gave Learning Factor limited time to prepare their facilitators dedicated themselves to preparing for the most professional deliveries possible. They said that they were focused on our success and proved it in deeds as well as words.
Business Engagement Manager - Cisco

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