June 12th, 2019
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Video Series I Part 7: The 5 Intuition Senses Part 1

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If you’ve been following Chris Gaborit’s unique series on intuition, you’re probably eager to learn in more detail about the “how” of intuition: how, exactly, does intuition appear to you. Across the next two videos, Chris introduces the five senses of intuition: taste, touch, hear, smell, see. Exactly the same as the five physical senses, except coming from your internal gut feel.

Intuitive thoughts are constantly transmitted to us through our senses. Here, we look at the smell, feeling and taste of intuition.

“I smell a rat” or “something stinks in this business” – how does this decision smell to you? Is it a sweet deal or a bad smell?

Feeling, or touch. Ever shaken someone’s hand and it made you cringe? Oprah Winfrey tells us her intuition comes as a feeling, more than a voice. How do you feel about this decision? Is there a physical touch or feel that sparks a good reaction, or puts you off?

Taste. Some people get a sweet taste when a deal feels good. Or they might taste sour or burnt if there intuition is warning against a bad decision. Taste is where a lot of our intuitive sense may sit – even if you aren’t aware of it. “That leaves a bad taste” or “that’s hard to swallow” are sentences we’ve all used when assessing our options.

Some of our senses may be more prominent than others when acknowledging our intuitive thoughts – just as we may have a heightened sense of smell, or hearing. As with everything in intuition, Chris recommends that we practice listening to our intuitive senses so that all five become easier to spot.

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