September 10th, 2019
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Video Series I Part 9: The ABC’s of Developing Your Intuition

Chris Gaborit 2 min read

In the latest of Chris Gaborit’s series discussing your gift of intuition, he delves more deeply into the topic of how to develop your own intuition.

Chris takes us through his useful ABCs of developing your intuition: Acknowledge, Believe and Commit. These three words have power in putting aside our doubts and starting to practice using the gift of intuition.

Acknowledge. We all have intuition. Those of us who benefit from intuition are those who acknowledge our ability to listen to it. Chris explains here how the brain responds to everyday life: the conscious process is deliberate and analytical; the unconscious process is quick, instinctual and effortless. That unconscious process is our intuition in action: happening outside our awareness. Acknowledging the unconscious process in our brain is essential to recognising intuition. what is ivermectin used for animals

Believe. Chris wants us to believe that we can rely on our intuition, and to use it as much as possible. To flex our intuitive muscles, and practice the skill of using gut feel for decision making. He talks through some of the intuitive thoughts that inner voice will tell us, like “stop what you’re doing and try this”. Using intuition regularly enables you to improve until it is second nature. Believing in our intuitive capabilities unlocks wisdom, knowledge and discernment.

Commit. Chris goes on to explain the importance of committing to walking in intuition, regardless of doubts or fear. He describes how successful people use fear and nerves to their advantage: to sharpen them, and never deter them from successful decisions or actions.

Fear tells you that you’re going out of your comfort zone and experiencing something new. Belief in your intuition and commitment to practicing the art of trusting your inner voice will give you faith that fears are misplaced. Watch the latest video in the series to develop your intuitive abilities.

Watch this video:

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