December 9th, 2020
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The Learning Factor’s Summer Reading List

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As a training organisation, our team is naturally committed to ongoing learning. We also like to share the knowledge so we have compiled a ‘summer reading list’ of our top reads/listens from 2019.

From the Directors: 

Victoria Kossoff

As an avid podcast listener, Victoria loves to share her favourites as this often is the way others find their next listening obsession:

  • The Knowledge Project with Shane Parrish. This podcast shares the best of what others have already figured out in all walks of life
  • DealMakers – This podcast features outstanding entrepreneurs and their journey in building a business
  • Making Sense with Sam Harris – As a neuroscientist, philosopher and best-selling author, Sam explores questions about the human mind, society and current events
  • Tara Brach – This podcast addresses the value of mindfulness meditation
  • Hidden Brain – This podcast shares science and storytelling to reveal unconscious patterns that drive human behaviour


Chris Gaborit

Anybody who knows Chris will know how optimistic he is. People often ask him how he does keep his passion alive. Here are some of his favourite books and podcasts: 


  • HBR Ideacast – Be a Superboss
  • Austin Russell – Starting his Business at 16
  • Cracking the Code of Love – Dr Sue Johnson
  • Next View – All Hands – Redesigning the Everyday


The Learning Factor Operations Team:


Podcasts/TED Talks:

  • Learning Uncut
  • Oprah Supersoul Conversations
  • Brene Brown on Vulnerability

We wish you all a festive season and hope you manage to find the time to recharge your batteries ready for 2020! See you in the New Year.

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